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Kind of a funny thing here. I’ve put a lot of time into getting licensed to be a loan officer, and have yet to close a loan. Another business adventure I’ve thought about trying is a little search engine optimization. I mentioned that to Keb, a web designer friend of mine, a month ago and as of today, I’ve already got my first client.

Keb and I talked about how he gets a few calls each week from both clients and cold callers who are looking for somebody to help them get traffic to their website. He has had nobody to refer them to, and gets a bit frustrated by that. I have one year experience in SEO as part of my time at, and like to tinker with it on other sites like this. It interests me, and it’s fun to teach people, so I figured I’d try it out.

I got a message this week on Tuesday from somebody saying Karl (Keb) at Infowest referred me to him. He just got a website up and wants to make sure it gets him clients for his business. I met with him the next day to see if he wanted my services. We agreed to terms of payment, and today we had our first meeting to discuss and work on his site. It was fun to see how excited he got when I showed him how to use stats programs and how to research the web for ways to improve his own site.

I imagine as I get more into this business that I will give people the option to have me do most of the work myself, and the option to teach them how to optimize their site as we go along. This first client chose the latter, which I enjoy. So anyway, I’ve made more money already on this than I have on the mortgage business, go figure.

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I’d like to see where this goes. I may have some business for you myself. 🙂 I’m still in the discussion stages with it, but SEO is a hurdle we’ll have to jump at some point. As a matter of fact, I even know someone now that could use the help. E-Mail me.

Billy you may have more coming. I have two people interested in SEOing their pages. One is a client here that needs a page built, the other already has a page. Details coming soon.