A Good All-Star Weekend


As an NBA fan, I watched most of the past weekend’s All-Star activities. I always look forward to that break in the season. It’s a fun time. I know plenty of people who feel the need to criticize the events that take place. I don’t really understand that. Perhaps it’s because it’s the only major league sport that has an All-Star event even worth watching, and people expect to see Jordan-esque performances each year. Maybe they just like to whine about something, who knows.

Some highlights of the weekend I noticed are:

  • Chris Paul’s 9 steals and 17 assists in the rookie challenge, with at least 8 of his assists playing part in alley oops. I think 5 or 6 of those alley oops were to Monte Ellis, that dude can jump. I look forward to Chris Paul in the All-Star game for the rest of his career. His game reminds me a lot of the way Isiah Thomas played.
  • A trip down memory lane watching Bill Laimbeer complain to the refs once again. Gotta love the guy’s spirit.
  • Charles Barkley’s victory over 67 year old Dick Bavetta in a foot race. Great dive by Bavetta in the end. His knee was bleeding after the effort.
  • A good dunk contest. Dwight Howard showed just how high up he can get, even though he’s 7 feet tall. I know some kids who are 6’4″ and move much more awkwardly than him. He can maneuver like a small guard, ridiculous. That sticker dunk was pretty incredible.
  • Gerald Green’s dunks may not have appeared too spectacular, but that’s because the kid jumps incredibly high. That final dunk was off of two feet, and his plant foot was within a foot of the free throw line. He dunked it with ease, he may be the only person on earth who can do that.
  • A dominant performance by the West in the All-Star game. Even though it was a blowout through most of the game, I enjoyed it. The West put on a shooting clinic that totally killed any chances of a comeback by the East. They really played well as a team; maybe because a handful of them are All-Star veterans.

I’m glad the NBA keeps the All-Star weekend the way it is. They make enough subtle changes each year to keep it fun, while sticking to the basic format that is proven. It is by far the most entertaining All-Star even of any sport. Good work Mr. Stern.

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