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Those of you who are long-time Billystyle readers (a huge crowd, and a very long time) may remember my rant about poor Netflix service. That was March of 2006, almost a year ago. Well, I’m happy to report that things have finally improved. Lately I’ve been returning movies Monday morning and seeing my new movies as soon as Thursday or Friday of the same week. That is about half the time it was taking before. My return envelopes are now mostly addressed to Las Vegas or Salt Lake City, as opposed to California and one time even Pennsylvania.

In an attempt to be a fair customer, I just sent their support crew a thank you email expressing my appreciation of the improved service. I don’t know what their response will be, but I figured I owed them that due to their efforts. After working in a customer service job, I know it’s nice to open an email you think is a complaint, only to find it is a letter of praise.

If you care to read my email, it is below.

Just under a year ago, I sent an email to Netflix complaining of the turn around time I was experiencing in my movie mailing. Back then, it took an average of 9-10 days from the day I shipped a movie to when I received my next one. I felt it was based on the cities my return envelopes were addressed to.

In response to that email, I got a canned response, then I replied in a less-than-pleased tone, finally being shut up by a bonus movie shipment.

This time I am writing to thank you of your improved service. Over the past month, my turn around time has been cut in half, averaging 4-5 days. This is the Netflix experience I expected to see from the ads I have seen. It’s nice to see that you’re putting effort into improving the customer experience.

So thank you again, I will continue to suggest Netflix to my friends as a good service.

Thank you,
Billy Park

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Hmmmm. We’re on netflix too…it seems it takes longer to send them back than for them to zip it to us.

I heard someone say, that those who rent movies alot that their shipments are purposely slowed down… Don’t know how true that is..