All-Star Weekend Fun


Woohoo, NBA All-Star weekend is almost here! I enjoy the action on this weekend in the NBA. There are criticisms about different things out there, like if the dunk contest should exist, but I think people are taking things too seriously. The dunk contest is just a fun little thing that is pretty entertaining if you ask me. How else are we gonna see somebody only a couple inches taller than Spud Webb jump over him and throw down?

To show the spirit of the All-Star weekend, TNT has included an awesome event. Charles Barkley will take on Dick Bavetta in a footrace up and down the court 1 3/4 times. Dick is a 67 year old referee in the league. I think it’s awesome that he is willing to do this, as well as Charles, and that TNT even thought of doing it in the first place. It’s a great way to show the seriousness of All-Star weekend. I’ll be watching.

Update: Bavetta vs. Barkley: Tale of the Tape

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