Good Job Dell


I got a Dell laptop computer a little over a month ago. Along with it came a free upgrade to a comparable version of Windows Vista to the Windows XP version I ordered. That was pretty cool I thought, so I followed the steps to register. I got an email that essentially said that my registration was received and would be contacted if they needed any information. That’s the last I heard from Dell.

Since Windows Vista was released yesterday, I got a bit curious as to how I would redeem this upgrade. After some searching (only after trying to find anything official on Dell’s site), I found that the upgrade site is Well, it appears as though their planning went something like “Not many people will want to upgrade, so let’s put the site on that old server in the corner there.” Yeah, the site is impossible to reach.

Not that I’m over anxious about Windows Vista, but I’ve kind of been holding off putting software on the computer to avoid doing it all over again. So here I sit, waiting on Dell. Fun times.

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I have to say that I’m a bit surprised by your Dell purchase. I figured you not to be a Dell guy.

Sigh… should have got an apple. 😉

Eh, I’m not really a laptop guy mostly. I got that machine for the loan stuff. Gotta be mobile. I went with a pretty basic setup that I figured would be reliable.

And Keb, I learned from the commercials that I can’t use Macs for business things, only for fun and pretty things.

oh….yes…forgot about that….