A Fun Social Experiment


You know how sometimes a funny thought pops into your head and it makes you grin, and sometimes laugh a little? That happens to me sometimes at work, when I’m walking by myself, but in the midst of other people. My natural reaction is to fight the grin and try to act like I’m not a crazy person laughing at nothing. However, when I don’t try to hide the grin, it’s more fun.

Some people kind of grin as well like they know you’re up to something, and they sort of want in on it. Others get a little paranoid like you are laughing at something you saw them do or something you know that you aren’t telling them. The mood suddenly changes for most people who notice that I have a mischievous grin on my face. Try it out, it’s fun. The best way to handle people who try to figure out what you’re grinning about is just brushing it off, keep them confused.

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The best is when people say “what?” when you are grinning. I usually just wink at them and keep grinning.