Split Second Thoughts


Human brains are neat. Every now and then, my brain will come up with something clever, but within a second of the thought, reality kicks in. Two examples for ya (both happened whilst driving for some reason):

1) A friend of mine was driving his car when he saw a car hauling trailer (one of those two layer trailers that can carry 10 or so cars) and right away thought he could use it to launch real far! For just that split second, he thought it would work out great. He did come to, and didn’t jump.

2) Another friend was driving when he realized that his gas gauge hadn’t moved in a long while. He figured it must be broken. Right then his brain told him “Hey, I never have to pay for gas again!” Like the first example, he immediately laughed at himself for even thinking of such a ridiculous idea.

I think things like that make life more fun. It happens to me from time to time, but I can’t think of anything right now.

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Wait until you have kids. That will happen even more.