Music and People


There are two types of people; music people, and non-music people.

Here’s how I see it. I’m a music person. I dig music. I dig good music. I have my ideas as to what good music sounds like and what makes bad music. I’ve made the appropriate changes in my life to try and avoid bad music, indulge in good music, and try to find more good music constantly. I feel I’ve done fine, my ears are satisfied. If you are curious as to my taste in music, here’s a sample.

Is the music I like the only good music and that which I dislike factually bad? Nope. There are music lovers who have completely different tastes than me, and that’s great, I respect that. They are also music people. I’d even recognize some of that as good music, just not the kind I prefer.

The non-music person is, sadly, what seems to be the majority of people. First off I will say that I know many great people who are non-music people. I say sadly just because music is such a big part of my life, I feel they are missing out. The non-music person is happy to listen to the radio and find new music through sources like the Grammys. Personally, I can’t stand either of those sources, but that makes them happy, and I guess that’s fine.

It seems kind of like eating nothing but fast food, not knowing that you can put a little effort into a meal and create a feast in your own kitchen. The fast food being attractive because it’s easy, it’s there, and that’s what most people you see eating are eating – especially the people on the TV. The home cuisine would be more like exploring different music options, trying different ones out, and going with the ones that make a great sound in your ears.

Now I’m not saying that I don’t listen to songs that play on the radio, or music that wins Grammy awards. I’ve noticed some music I listen to plays on the same Dish Network station they play at work that plays junk spewed forth as a result of a particular reality show that produces lots of money for marketers. I’m fine with that, the person who put the program together lucked out and got a good song, sweet. I am saying that putting an effort into finding out what music is out there can lead to a much better listening experience for the rest of anyone’s life. (more on that show here)

The moral of this rant: If you haven’t already, try exploring different kinds of music. Turn off your radio, see what your ears want to hear. Don’t be content with what you are fed by marketers. The End.

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Well stated. I believe that if more people would seek out music in the manner you suggest, my daily life would be a bit more interesting. Unfortunately for me, it’s not, so I just seek on my own.

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