Feed the Swine


As I’ve oh so proudly mentioned before, I work in a furniture store. For the readers not familiar with the store (Blvd Home Furnishings), I’ll explain just a bit. The store is just over 115,000 square feet, it has a whole lot of upholstery, mattresses, appliances, home electronics, bedroom furniture, and dining room furniture. Also featured in the store is a diner, which attracts way more people than I’d ever guess. Well, this post isn’t about the diner, it’s about something that I find much more disturbing.

During the almost weekly sales events, most will have free hot dogs and such. That usually happens on Saturday, when I’m not there. Every now and then, during a weekday (like Martin Luther King Jr. Day), we’ll have free pizza in the store. When this happens, it’s like an egg sack of a spider broke open near the front of the store, only all the eggs are 70-90 year old geriatrics who instinctively flock to the free food. It’s almost sickening.

Sure, there are other people who get the pizza (high school kids, excited lower-middle class types who are ecstatic to feed their five kids for free for one meal, and other random passers by), but none stand out quite like the oops I didn’t plan my retirement so now I stick to this crowd who follows free food around like swine to the troff group.

Being relatively young at the moment, I find that sight enough motivation to make sure that I’m sitting on enough money when I become old and useless that I don’t have to thrive on going around to retailers eating their cold free food. What a terrible lifestyle. Given, this is a retirement/snowbird community, so the problem is much more evident than most other places, but I know it happens everywhere.

So anyway, a word of warning: If you are thinking of going to the Blvd just to get a free slice of pizza or hot dog, ask yourself if it’s worth going through a slow-moving crowd of white haired folk with little bladder control (which became evident today when I walked by one such crowd) and waiting in line for fast food quality cuisine.

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Wow, it sounds like you had a rough day. I personally am glad that I don’t have to deal with that crowd.

Haha, the day wasn’t all that bad. I’m just blown away by the masses that I see in that store. So shameless.

Yeah, I’ve always felt that way about those types of promotions. I guess the thing is, they draw a huge crowd and people don’t always buy, but they do build brand loyalty. Of course, I don’t know where else you can go for furniture in St. George, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Heh.

Free food. What else can I say? It’s lemmings that feed like piranhas.