Randy Couture is Back


I saw commercials this week for Inside the UFC, which I haven’t seen yet because I’m usually in bed when it airs. This week’s commercial for it said Randy Couture was going to make an announcement. I also saw an article about Randy participating in Pros vs. Joes, and figured that would be the announcement.

Boy was I wrong.

On March 3, 2007, Randy is going to fight for the UFC Heavyweight Title! The dude is a Hall of Famer, and 43 years old. He kind of reminds me of Rocky, when Drago says “He is like a piece of iron.” You look at the guy and you can tell that he probably wouldn’t flinch if you hit him in the face with a sledgehammer. Anyway, I’m excited to see him fight again. He hasn’t fought in the heavyweight division since I started regularly watching the UFC, even though he was twice the title holder in that weight class.

From what he said in the interview (link below) with the UFC, he feels like his techniques and skills have changes, giving him a chance to still be on top of the UFC. Reminds me of how Michael Jordan came back as a mid-range jump shooter after his retirements, and was still the league’s best player…well, at least after the first retirement.

Couture Returns to Face Sylvia at UFC 68

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I think Sylvia will leave him hurting personally. Waiting to see what happens with CroCop.

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