A Loan Tonight


Sorry, I couldn’t hold back using the title of one of my favorite Dandy Warhols songs. Anyway, I finally have my full fledged active Utah mortgage broker license, yay. So everybody who reads this blog (all 5 of you), go ahead and buy that house or refinance (and use me to get that money). That would be super, thanks.

But really, I can now do home loans, constructions loans, refinances, all that stuff here in Utah. Exciting times. Apparently the toughest part of this business is finding loans to do. That’s what I’m currently learning. Apparently if you work during the day pushing couches, then come home and surf the web for hours, it’s tricky to find people buying houses, weird.

Just today I realized that my current job is leaving its mark on my person. I’ve got at least four good scars over the past year that I got from working with furniture. Although I appreciate the future value of them in the ever popular (thanks to Jaws perhaps) scar comparison conversation, I’m not too fond of mangling my body for minimal pay. So yes, I’m excited about the eventual change of jobs, it’s just a bit tricky to get things rolling.

Well it’s late, my brain’s not so hot right now. So on that note, peace outside.

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Maybe you should offer discount or X number of free wakeboarding lessons with loan fulfillment?? All I got was a Christmas card from my loan handler. Or perhaps get in with some real estate agents (*shudder*) that’ll push people your way for a break and you’re set.

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