Allen Iverson


Everybody else is talking about AI now that he’s finally talking trade. I’ve found it annoying how a lot of media has tried to make him look like a quitter and like he’s betraying a team who has been good to him for a decade. His “possible trade” each summer has been making reporters all kinds of money for the past five years or so, even though all of them are based on the team themselves trying to get rid of him, all the while he was insisting on never leaving Philly. Most players would have demanded to be traded long long ago, probably the year after they made the finals and looked to be going downhill. Even then Iverson had class and asked to not be traded.

I could go on for a while, but I found a great article that finally pays him the respect he deserves. Allen Iverson is possibly the most loyal player in all of sports, aside from being the league’s most talented scorer. He’s under six feet tall (listed at 6′) and nobody can stop him from putting the ball in the hoop.

Anyway, here’s that article: Neither side will like The Answer

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