Nate Robinson Plays Bigger than Yao


Nate Robinson made one of the greatest defensive plays I’ve seen, and helped show how weak Yao Ming is. Nate is five feet nine inches tall. Yao is seven feet five inches tall. So Yao is twenty inches taller than Nate. Well, watch the video below.

Sure, Yao would probably claim he got fouled (a trait he picked up from the NBA I believe, I saw his fellow country men play over the summer and none of them complained about a thing while Yao almost got kicked out for whining so much), but I know deep down that he hunched over after the play because any pride he had left got completely obliterated.

Yao already has more poster shots featuring him as the victim than anybody has accumulated in their entire career I believe. The dude is a giant. He gets a few blocked shots a game, sure, but anybody could do that who is a foot taller than most the other players. The dude is a horrible defender. Now we know how strong he is in the post.

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Yao’s reaction was priceless. PWNED!!!11!1!1one!