Caution: Wet Floor


Today I finally saw something that I can cross off my list! I was at work, hanging some stuff on the wall, when a group of sales people walk by coming from a training meeting and WHOOP, one of the guys slipped and fell straight on his back on the wet concrete floor! It’s a slick finished floor that they buff once a week to make sure it’s nice and shiny, so when they mop it, that sucker is slick. I’ve actually done a few one-foot-slide-arms-flailing-in-air saves over the past year – gets the old ticker pumping pretty fast.

Anyway the guy, Mark, lucked out. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, so I didn’t see this part, but another sales guy (named Dave Thomas, neat) was right behind him and actually put his hands under Mark’s head so he didn’t thump it on the floor. Pretty wild stuff. Mark got up after a bit and told everybody he was okay. He’s one of the “funny men” in sales, so I reckon I will spend my last number of days making fun of him for that. Good times.

Oh, and yes, there were 2 Caution: Wet Floor signs right by where he fell.

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