That’s how close I was to passing the test I took today. I am yet to blog about my latest endeavor. I’m going to be a loan officer, hopefully soon.

I didn’t know what a loan officer was before I bought my own place. It’s the guy you talk to so you can get a big ol’ mortgage on a house. The test I took (in Las Vegas, closest testing center to St. George) had 2 parts, a legal part and a mortgage practices part. I passed the legal section, which was 20 questions in length. The other part had 90 questions, on which I scored 68%. I needed a score of 70% to pass and get licensed to start making the big bucks. Yeah, that is a bit frustrating.

So tomorrow I can call and schedule my re-take. Hopefully it will be soon and hopefully I will pass that sucker this go around. I did get a much better idea of what to study for this time. I’m actually surprised I got that high of a score, since I felt like I was guessing (test was multiple choice) on about half of the 90 questions.

Well, tomorrow it’s back to my super low paying warehouse monkey job. Soon though, I may start making money, that’ll be weird.

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Sweet. I will be in need of refinancing in April or so.. so hopefully you can hook me up with a ‘deal’ around then.

Good luck man, you’ll rock it out. 🙂 IF I end up moving to SG again, I’ll give you a ring.