It’s About Time for My First Quixtar Post


I’m as anti-Quixtar as they come – at least as far as someone who has never been involved with it can be. I’ve met a number of people involved in Quixtar and became curious as to what the attraction, obsession, and craze with it was all about. It was obvious up front to me that it is a horrible business plan, so I figured there must be something else drawing these people in. Well, I could go on forever about it, but I’ll just post this great video for now:

Quixtar Can’t Hide

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Oh, I forgot to mention, I love the “triple super awesome diamond grand master dragon wizard.”

I’m with you, Billy. Although Quixtar et al are easily the worst of the bunch, I know a lot of people who try to get Brandi to go to Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Mary Kay, what have you parties. It’s pretty annoying, and that video captures my feelings pretty well. I don’t see how anybody could view their behavior as anything less than alienating your friends, family, neighbors, etc.

But the lure is explained in there pretty well, too: “Our God is Money”

Thanks for the video.

Simply. Awesome.

I remember the day I had a “supposedly successful quixstar” guy come to my apartment for an hour and a half trying to lure me into the “best business opportunity ever.” With all honesty it was the most annoying hour and a half of my life. I quit listening to him after the first ten minutes when a little something like this happened. He was telling my wife and I that we have always been taught, “go to school, get an education,” and that this was not how things should work. We have been mislead and brainwashed he went on to explain. In my mind I pictured myself pummeling him through my window and throwing his wannabe briefcase, containing tools of the devil, at his egotistical head. Who has been teaching us to get an education?……wait….YES…the Prophet of God!

Freedom! Flush that stinkin job!

Good post and comments. Did you all hear that quixtar is changing their name back to Amway?

I hadn’t heard that, interesting.

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