Agassi’s Final US Open, Round Two


Boy oh boy, what a match! I thought his round one match with Pavel was a thriller. Round two put Agassi up against Marcos Baghdatis. I remember seeing Baghdatis do well early in his career, and at the number 8 seed, figured this may be Agassi’s last match.

The match started out surprisingly one sided. The play was good, but Baghdatis just kept missing a lot. Agassi got off to a quick 2 set to none lead. Marcos came back and took the third set. Agassi looked like he would move on once he got up 4 games to none in the fourth set. That’s when it got good.

Baghdatis showed serious heart and battled back to get 5 games in a row. He ended up taking the fourth set 7-5. In the final set, he broke Agassi in game one. During the court switch, Marcos got some muscle cream rubbed into his thighs. Agassi looked like he may have been thinking it was about to end, but something happened and he came back strong. I think when the games were 4-4, the longest game of the night took place. During that game, Marcos’ quadriceps were both cramping up pretty bad, but he had to keep going due to the ATP rules…well, that or retire from the match, and there was no way he was going to do that. It was amazing, even when he could barely get his racket on the ball, he placed his shots perfectly. I think there were 8 deuces, and Agassi finally took the game.

With Agassi up 6-5, Baghdatis serving, it looked like they were headed to a fifth set tiebreak. This is the reason Agassi is so much fun to watch. He almost always does the improbable. He’s got will power like very few people I’ve ever seen in the sports world. There was a point earlier on that when Agassi won it, he pumped his fist a few times and his facial expression changed from “good, I just won that game” to “time to get serious and make it to the third round.” Once he decides that, it’s nearly impossible to change his course.

Agassi came back and broke Baghdatis’ serve in the twelfth game of the fifth set to take the match. The post match interviews and cheers were great, McEnroe did great interviews. It was the match of the year so far. Who knows what’s next. I can’t wait. The Agassi vs. Roddick match is still possible and only one more round away!

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Yes, another GREAT game. I did catch the end of this one. It was nice to see how humble Baghdatis was in his final comments on the game.

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