The Best Mario Paint Music


I grew up right in the heat of the Super Nintendo days and cling to those memories tightly. With the recent implementation of videos and all kinds of great media on the ol’ INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY, I’ve been able to reconnect with a lot of things from those days, including playing a number of the games. Now, there’s a site that can easily consume an hour of my free time with great ease. That site is If you aren’t familiar with it, check it out, you’ll probably say something like “what the heck is this?” but then find yourself getting hooked.

Anyway…here’s my point. I currently have a tab open right next to this one in FireFox which is playing the best music from Mario Paint. It is so soothing that I’m having a hard time staying awake to type this. Mario Paint was an awesome game. I never accomplished much on it, but it was fun to play with the pre-loaded stuff the game had. It was easily the most random Mario installment to hit any gaming system that I’ve seen. So, here’s the link, I suggest you check it out and let the soothing take control:

Click for incredibly soothing music from Mario Paint.

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I never actually played that game, but I’m loving this. I happen to have the whole Tetrisphere soundtrack in .mp3 format. I don’t listen to it too often, but it does bring back some wonderful memories.