Agassi Grinds it Out


Well, if I said I didn’t doubt, I’d be telling a bit of a lie. I watched Andre Agassi’s opening match tonight versus Andrei Pavel. It was classic Agassi. The first set was a battle, both players having their moments, going right down to the tiebreaker. Pavel stepped it up big and took the first set. Agassi came back in the second set that was not very different than the first. At that moment, I relaxed a bit more and got ready for a great best 2 out of 3 to finish.

Now is when the Agassi routine kicked in. I don’t know if he’s a psychological genius or what, but I’ve seen him do it over and over again, and rarely seems to fail. He goes down 4-0 to start the third set. Then he changed to a racket with tighter strings. Next thing I know, he’s up 5-4…five games in a row after losing four straight! He kept on strong and took set 3 in a tiebreak. Heading into set 4, I could see Pavel’s frustration with a number of things – Agassi’s play, his own mistakes, and most of all, the harsh New York crowd. Agassi was all business in the fourth set and got up 4-0. After that, he let a couple go to Pavel and finished the job.

I think that’s why I love watching Agassi play so much. He is suspenseful and usually has great matches. When his game is on, he hustles harder than anyone and hits amazing winners on balls that look to be dead. He’s a tennis legend and I hope he makes it at least a few rounds into this tourney. If he doesn’t take it all, I’d like to see him go out in a barn burner against Roddick, which could happen if they both win their next couple of matches. Good stuff!

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I had to turn it during the tie-break. I honestly cannot take the drama some days. I have special difficulty with long, drawn out, “deuce, advantage, deuce, advantage” sets. Oh, but how I love to watch tennis.

I too like Agassi and Roddick as well, but I really enjoy Federer’s style and his overall sense of humility.

[…] Boy oh boy, what a match! I thought his round one match with Pavel was a thriller. Round two put Agassi up against Marcos Baghdatis. I remember seeing Baghdatis do well early in his career, and at the number 8 seed, figured this may be Agassi’s last match. […]