Annoying Vagrant Images


As I type this post, I have two other tabs open in FireFox that have been loading for over a minute each. Why? Well, they each seem to have some small image that doesn’t even show up (I’m guessing something to track visitors or ad impressions or something irrelevant to me, the user) when it’s done loading. I see this more and more. Webmasters really need to check these things when optimizing their site for user friendliness.

The main reason I’m upset with this is that both sites require a user name and password for me to access my account. I am lazy and take advantage of stored user names and passwords. In FireFox, the fields don’t auto fill until the page is entirely finished loading. In that case, I have to remember what I used for that site, which usually means checking my super state of the art safety vault with all my top secret information and fill it out myself. I’m far too lazy to do that.

Anyway, after working in the SEO realm for a year or so, red lights go off whenever a page fails to load in a timely manner. I lose respect for these sites…but sadly, I will still use them, because I’m mostly a complainer. By the way, both of those pages still haven’t finished loading yet.

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