Talking About Hygiene


I’ve noticed that one must be cautious when bringing up the topic of hygiene around people one thought to be clean. Yeah, weird.

This all came to my attention a few years back on a different topic, but led to this discovery. My roommate was washing dishes, and I noticed he was only washing the business side of the plates and bowls. I said “Hey, why don’t you wash the whole dish?” His answer, naturally, was “Because only the top got dirty.” Yeah, good answer smart guy. If I need to explain why that didn’t sit well with me, go wash your hands right now, because you’re the type of person who doesn’t was their hands after using the bathroom if you “didn’t get any on you.” Anyway, my response to him, trying to dumb it down, was “That’s like me saying I didn’t wash my legs in the shower because I didn’t get them dirty today.”

That is the line that helped me discover awkwardly unsettling things about people with whom I am associated. The topic of dish washing roommates came up at work recently, so that story resurfaced. I then learned that most of the people I was around there didn’t seem to think that all the body parts need to be washed on a regular basis. Sure, I can understand a 10 year old kid thinking that, maybe even up to 13 or so years old. But once you learn a little more about life, I just can’t see how anybody would actually take a shower and leave any part of their body as it was when they entered the shower. You’re there in the water, soap in hand, water running on you, what do you stand to lose by spending an extra minute finishing the job? I just don’t get why washing the body is such a riddle for some people.

I’m sure I’ve either offended somebody or you may be thinking that I’m anal retentive. Well, I’m not too fond of being smelly, sick, or dirty because of something I skipped in the shower. If this is all news to you, then here’s another piece of advice: Your body smell is stronger to everyone around you than it is to you, so wash yourself.

Anyway, I got a nice little rant there. My main point is that I am shocked by how many people don’t get the whole job done in the shower. I’m 6’3″ and still get it all, so I’ve got more real estate to cover than the average person. So, if you want to create an awkward moment at work, bring up hygiene in the shower, it’s a surefire way to stir things up!

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Hahah… attaboy, Billy. I don’t think this topic had ever come up between the two of us before, but I’m with you totally. People that think they don’t need to get it all when washing are sickos, and that’s that. Also, while we’re on the topic, how can people go a day without showering, unless it’s like an emergency? I sat here this week sharing a computer/office room with my older brother and my cousin, and both of them went for several days without showering, to the point where I was about to gag from being in the same room with them. What’s up with that crap? Ugh. Anyway, good work on being the one to take a stand on this issue.