Caffeine Doesn’t Affect Me


So I’m 27 years old now. I’m beginning to figure things out about myself. One of those things is that caffeine seems to have no noticeable effect on my energy. I first noticed this after a high school basketball game in our neighboring town of Bend, Oregon. The drive was 30 minutes max in a school bus. A friend and I each bought a Jolt Cola from a vending machine in the school (we found it a bit odd that there was such a caffeinated drink in the school). We each chugged them quickly. Within ten minutes of bus riding, I was fast asleep.

Since that time, other forms of energy drinks (if I remember right, Jolt was one of the first, if you can call it an energy drink) have been born. A couple summers ago, some wakeboarding buddies of mine essentially got sponsored by Red Bull, and I had many days where I drank two or three cans of it. Even then, I never noticed additional energy. A few months ago at the Portland Pro Wakeboard Tour stop, we got a slew of free Rockstar. I drank one can and a little of another just before a flight out of town. My flight got delayed almost two hours, and while waiting, I had to keep moving around so I didn’t fall asleep and miss my flight when the time came around. Now, I’m not saying caffeine makes me tired, I had been out in the sun most of the day, and would normally have been plenty tired.

I’m sure that caffeine still messes with my innards, because I couldn’t be that lucky, but for some reason, it has no effect on my energy; weird.

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