10 Year Reunion Recap


The reunion was awesome! I’m very glad I went to it. I guess my graduating class was 240-ish people large, and I’d guess 60 – 70 people showed up, which is probably pretty good. I had forgotten many names. Well, more like buried them in my memory. It was great to see so many familiar faces and see what they’ve been up to. I’ve heard of reunions where the focus is on the activity, the food, or on when it’s going to end. The main focus on this one was just talking to people, catching up, reminiscing on the good ol’ days. It was superb.

Some of the highlights for me follow. My best friend from the fourth grade all the way through junior high school showed up. He started home school after junior high, so I only saw him a few times during those years, and none after that. He had just barely moved back to Redmond (my home town) and happened to hear about the reunion. It was great, we talked about all kinds of things we used to do including set record times on my paper route (yep, he helped me for free), play endless amounts of Nintendo, and even the one fight we got into where we both got suspended for a few days.

A lot of people had stayed in Redmond or nearby. Some had recently moved back from the area, and others planned on moving back soon. Kind of interesting. I’ve always figured that it would be a great place to settle down once I start a family of my own. The reunion strengthened that thought. I still like those people and the area.

All in all, it was a great reunion. I hope to stay in touch with at least a few of the people (thanks to the INTERNET, I may), and look forward to the twenty year reunion!

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