10 Year Reunion


Yep, I’m getting pretty blasted old. My 10 year high school reunion is this weekend. I’ll be headed up to Oregon today after work. I’ve really only kept in touch with one person in my graduating class, so this will be interesting. Right now I live in Utah, and the reunions I’ve heard of here involve lots of married people who have had kids. I imagine there will be a little of that, but it should be quite different than a Utah reunion. My little hick town of Redmond, Oregon should have some pretty interesting stuff going on. It should be a fun thing to check out. I’ll update in a few days when I’m back!

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Snap, Billis – you are old! hehe. If it makes you feel any better, you don’t seem like you are 8 years older than I am. Anyway, that’s cool that you are attending it even though you haven’t really kept in touch.

I got Pulse and Dark Side of the Moon today, by the way. I was late to work because I lost track of time while watching Pulse… hehe. That show is definitely top notch.

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