Don’t Steal Bikes


Jeremy and His R1So, this fellow I work with named Jeremy has a nice Yamaha R1 that he likes a little bit. Most days at work I hear about his plans to turbo it, and the troubles he runs into while trying to get it done. When he does turbo his R1, he wants to change the lettering to RT1 or something, so a passer by can tell it’s a turbo bike.

Yesterday morning he woke up to find that his bike had moved from his front porch to his driveway. After checking it out a bit more, he found that someone had tried to hot wire the bike to steal it. The only problem is that the steering was locked and they couldn’t have gone anywhere even if they did get it started.

Obviously, this upset him. Apparently he lives in a pretty trashy part of town (actually, the town of Middleton is pretty much all trailers and white trash and such), so he figures any of his Mexican or mulleted neighbors may have been the failed criminal. Anyway, I told him I’d blog about it for good measure.

He wanted me to use my super human INTERNET power to spread the word that if you happen to have a Yamaha R1, get an alarm system, lock it up, and keep it in your garage. Otherwise, you might wake up to porch full of nothing but empty beer cans and chairs!

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