Sufjan and Fleetwood


I figured I’d post this just in case some poor soul out on the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY comes across the same mind boggler that I heard today. I decided it was time to try to get into some Sufjan Stevens tunes, so I put on the Seven Swans album, and the first song seems familiar to me. Specifically, at 1:05 into the song, the melody during the lines “And I am joining all my thoughts to you” and “And I’m preparing every part for you” really sounded like some other song.

This was about 6:30 pm. I stopped the song and played that melody over and over in my head, but couldn’t figure out the song. Game two of the NBA Finals was starting, so I tried focusing on that, but that blasted melody kept repeating in my head. I figured that months would pass til one day I’d hear the mystery song and go “That’s it!” I lucked out.

I recalled the voice was a woman’s voice, and later, that it was probably Stevie Nicks. So I searched my computer for any of her songs, I only had a few Fleetwood Mac songs. I then went to Amazon and to try to figure out what the song was by listening to 30 second previews.

After a half hour or so of this, I looked up Stevie Nicks in the Wikipedia and looked at her hit songs. She had way more than I realized, good job Stevie. I found Leather and Lace, and it sounded like that may have been the one I was looking for, but the song ended, leaving me hanging.

I finally went back to Amazon and played through some previews from Fleetwood Mac albums while I watched the game. I was into the game pretty good, then I actually got like a hot flash or something when I heard that melody again! That was weird, I think it was my body releasing tension knowing that it would now be able to sleep tonight. I went on to obtain the song somehow (yay INTARNET) and compared the two, sure enough, it is somewhat similar.

The two songs are these:

Sufjan Stevens: All The Trees Of The Fields Will Clap Their Hands
Fleetwood Mac: Landslide

The melody I’m referring to is 1:05 into the Sufjan song and 1:11 into the Fleetwood Mac song. Ah, thank you INTERNET!

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