Old Dog, New Trick


I’m the old dog, the new trick is tennis. In the past couple of months, I’ve played tennis five times. It is the first time I’ve actually played with an effort to learn how to play and improve. For years, I’ve watched tennis on TV. I really enjoy watching the sport and the athletes are very impressive physically and mentally.

I’ve been playing with a friend at work who played high school tennis. He’s helped me improve faster than I would have against another beginner. It’s funny, I’ve actually improved quickly by mimicking moves and swings that I’ve seen some of the top players do. It feels weird at first because my coordination is figuring out how to do certain things, but results come quickly.

I played tonight, and finally got some good serves in. I watched Lleyton Hewitt serve the other day at the French Open, and noticed how much he arches his back when loading up to hit the ball. Then I remembered a cool replay they did of Roger Federer’s serve a while back, and combined the two techniques to come up with some great serves. Tonight was the first time I’ve got some heat on a good serve.

It’s fun to learn something and improve steadily. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up anything new, and this is working out better than I expected. That’s all.

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I too enjoy tennis. It’s too bad you didn’t get into it whilst I was down there, I really needed a partner. 🙂