Computer Geeks Fear Change


I say that from the handful of geeks with whom I associate. Most of the geeks I’ve worked with or lived with rarely break out of their daily pattern. I had a roommate (still a good friend) who was so consistent with his food selections at restaurants, that I had his order memorized at most fast food joints in town. I was talking to another friend tonight about smoothies (I bet my one reader knows who this is!) because I know he has made a smoothie every day for at least the past two years. I recently bought me a cheap blender, so I figured I’d get good mixtures ideas from him. Turns out he has the same smoothie every day. I couldn’t do that, I get bored with the same old stuff.

I don’t know what it is, but I think there is some kind of tie with geekdom and fear of change. The geeks completely embrace change in the gaming and computing world, but in the real world, they like to feel safe by holding to the same pattern…or something. I’m pretty much just throwing out random ideas, but I think there’s definitely something going on here.

I’m a convert to geekdom, so I don’t naturally follow the flow of true geeks. Certain aspects I stick to easily, like fear of hot girls, the ability to sit and do nothing for hours as long as I’m staring at a monitor, and the love of shameless witty shows like Family Guy and The Office. But there are other things that I can’t quite grasp yet, like eating the same thing every day, thinking that PCs are superior to Macs or vice versa, and the fear of sunlight.

Anyhow, I’m tired, goodnight INTERNET!

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Sorry to disappoint you with my lack of good smoothie ideas, Billis. I just figure that there is no reason to change when you have got something that tastes oh so good! In case anybody is wondering, here is my recipe (if you happen to make some money or something off this some day, I want a dollar):

1 cup of Vanilla Soy Milk (Silk brand)
1 cup of Orange Juice (Minute Maid or Florida’s Natural are the best)
A generous handful of Costco peaches (I forgot the brand name, but man are those things tasty)
1/2 of a frozen banana
2 or 3 frozen strawberries

That’s it! If you are feeling adventurous, add a splash of orange juice into your cup after you pour it… hehe.

Anyway, you are totally correct in your observation of how a lot of computer geeks are. That is all.

Also, check out the latest blog entry on for a good laugh… Basketball 2 is upon us!!

Ok bye.

It’s vice versa.

I need to get me a blender it sounds like. Then I can blend away with the same mixture everyday!