A Great Night of Hoops


Tonight I played ball with the normal crew of guys that meet on Thursday nights. We usually play at a nice full sized court in a church here. That church was occupied tonight by tables and chairs, so we had to resort to a church with a smaller gym. The three point line met the sideline at about the free throw line extended, and the half court line was about 23 feet from either hoop (roughly an NBA three pointer).

We played for a while, good stuff. It was 4 on 4, which was just right. We learned a valuable lesson after playing man defense for a while. We switched up to zone and we skunked the other team the first game. Since you kill a zone by rotating the ball and bombing threes, when about half of the three point line doesn’t exist, zone works incredibly well.

So we were winding down, and just before the last game, I got back in the gym before anyone had got back from the water fountain. I picked up the ball and tried a running lefty (I’m right handed) from “half court” and it went straight through the hoop, all net. I always try to hit two in a row when I hit a random shot like that, so I tried it going the other way, same result. One more try for three in a row, got it! By the fourth attempt, others had come in and saw me end the streak by missing the fourth.

Anyway, time for another game. As soon as it started, my teammates holler “go back to half court” (which was only a few feet behind me). I did, they tossed me the ball, I tried the same shot and drilled it again! We were all laughing and I tried it next time down the floor and missed. The game went on, and when we were two points from ending the game, I pulled up for a right handed shot behind the half court line and ended it. That was the night.

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