Punctuation Problems


Of late, I have noticed more and more of one certain problem many people have developed when using punctuation. I find the problem pretty annoying and really, I can’t think of any reason for it coming about. The problem is that people are inserting a space between the final word of a sentence and the corresponding punctuation mark to close the sentence.

For a good example of this horrible problem, here is a link to Mark Cuban’s fine example of my complaint:

Mark Cuban: Sure Makes you wonder how rumors get started…

Just twice today I have noticed the problem. The first time I recall seeing it was in a letter of appreciation from a customer that my employer received a few years back. The letter did quite the brutal hacking of the English language. I’m not sure there was one rule it didn’t break, so I didn’t worry that it would catch on. Unfortunately, in this world of instant messaging, text messaging, and following the mindless trends of pop culture, it has.

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