I’m a Tired Boy


So at my work, there is a contest going on relating to physical fitness. There are teams of four, each team member tracks certain exercises that count for a set number of miles. The idea is that each team accumulates enough miles to make the trek back to Utah from Torino (oh so special).

I’ve been slacking, so recently I borrowed a friend’s bike and bought a $4 jump rope. Tonight I biked for an hour and jumped rope for 15 minutes. Man, that beat me down more than I thought. I rode the bike for an hour the other day, but it was with some other people and they were taking it pretty easy, so I did too. Tonight, since I was by myself, I pushed it, just naturally I guess. It’s more fun to go fast. I wanted to see if I could ride around the hill I live on in an hour. If you are familiar with St. George, I live on the hill that the airport sits atop. I rode down by St. George Ford, then up to Sunset and back down Bluff Street. It took me 40 minutes to ride up, then 10 minutes to ride back down. That got a good sweat going.

When I got back, I got right to jumping rope. Man, I had no idea how hard it would be to get that going. When I started out, I noticed that my rhythm was off. I couldn’t jump more than 10 jumps straight. On top of that, I was getting very worn out within just a couple minutes. See, I got this jump rope that keeps track of how long you jump, how many times you jump, and how many calories you burn. So, my stats once I finished were 1158 jumps, burning 182 calories in 12:10. The longest I could go straight without messing up was just over a minute. I did finally get the flow back, but couldn’t keep my strength up long enough to avoid tripping up. I made sure I could still do the old moves where you cross it up in front of you, then go back straight. One way I got right away (right arm in front of left), but the other way (left in front of right) took a few tries to get. I like to try most things both ways. Being a fan of Rocky, I also made sure I could do the double jump (pass the rope under you twice in one jump). That took me a while to get, but I did it a handful of times.

I hope that I’ll keep up this exercising thing, it could really get me in good shape. Maybe that will have a positive affect on my wakeboarding this year.

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