Killer Nap


So that new mattress I got a little over a month ago is working out just fine. In fact, it may be too comfortable. Today I laid down for a nap around 6:00 pm, figuring I’d do my standard 2 hour nap. Now, I did realize that naps taken on my bed tend to last longer than those on my couch. I felt pretty good about it though, figuring I’d be able to wake up to catch most of the first game on ESPN, and all of the second one while getting some things done.

Next thing I know, I’m wondering if it’s almost time to go to work. See, what I soon realized had happened was that my nap turned into a serious sleep session. When I came to, I checked the time to find that over five hours had passed! I woke up about 11:30 pm instead of my planned 8:00 pm.

Taking a nap this long gives me roughly the same feeling as sleeping in til noon or later. I feel that I’ve missed out on the day. Since I worked today from 7 to 4 like usual, I missed out on the time of day that I get my stuff done. Now I’m up when I’d usually be sleeping, and it’s just not the same. I find it much harder to get anything productive done in the early hours of the night than in late afternoon – evening hours.

So, now when I take naps, I’ll either stick to the couch or set my alarm so I don’t fall too deeply asleep. All that said, man I like my mattress!

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