Stephen A. Smith Reminds Me of Myself at 10 Years Old


Stephen A. Smith is a fool. I’ll save a rant on him for another time. I just have a quick note to make about him.

Tonight while watching NBA Shootaround on ESPN, he made a remark which is rather typical of what he usually says. “Ron Artest got a lot of dog in him, literally and figuratively.” This reminded me of a funny story, but first I’ll wind this one up. John Saunders, the host of the show, replied a minute later, “Literally?” With some hesitation, Smith shamefully admitted “Well, not literally.” Saunders resolved “I was going to say, we might have to get some doctors involved here.”

Okay, now for my memory. I first learned the word literally when I was ten years old, in the fifth grade. A girl I knew said something that made me angry and I remember saying to her “You’re a pig, literally!” Later that day, I realized I was an idiot and decided to never misuse that word again, because it just abused the integrity of the word. Using it in that sense means there is no use for the word literal at all. Again, I was ten years old when I did what Stephen A. Smith did tonight on national television. We live in great times.

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Stephen A. Smith is literally an idiot. (But you already knew that.)…

That was a terrible story. When I say the title, I almost jumped out of my seat since I hate Stephen A. Smith with a passion. You however, disappointed me and made yourself look like an idot by making a big deal of a minor comment by Stephen A. So the man used ‘literally’ incorrectly. Let it go.

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