March Chaos


Every year I have some friends who get a pool going on for the NCAA tourney. Now, I rarely watch any college games during the season, so usually my picks are pretty random, and based heavily on seed. This year I’ve done pretty bad, but still have some good hope. Of my elite 8 teams, seven remain. Only 10 of the Sweet 16 are teams I picked to win, so hopefully I picked the winners of this round.

Even though it’s only for a few weeks, I enjoy filling out a bracket online so I can easily keep track of points, and how my friends have done at picking winners. This year’s tourney has been pretty wild with an 11 and 13 seed making the Sweet 16.

For the record, I have Texas, UCLA, Connecticut, and Villanova in the Final Four. My Championship game has UConn beating UCLA with a score of 68-61. We’ll see how this works out.

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