Pink Floyd Pulse On DVD!!!


Pink Floyd Pulse DVD
Finally! I have been waiting for this concert to be released on DVD for many years. My Dad has it on Laserdisc (yep, he’s still got the player), and I’ve had it on VHS for a while. Finally, on DVD, I love it! Probably the greatest concert I’ve ever seen in person or on television.

This concert took place at Earl’s Court in London, England. The size of the stage, the elaborate lighting and theatrics of the show are unmatched by any other performance I’ve seen. There are moments in this concert that seem to be musical and performance perfection. I just can’t build it up enough. It runs a good three hours, so clear an evening to turn out all the lights, pop in the DVD, crank up the volume, and get taken away to the best concert performance ever…that will have to wait til this fall (release date is September 12, 2006) of course.

Go get it!

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