I Don’t Get Offended


I’m weird. I realized around a year ago that I just don’t get offended by people. I am oft offended by their ignorance, stupidity, lack of tact, and other things along that line. The offended feeling I’m talking about is the kind that makes one harbor up feelings of personal sorrow or angst toward somebody due to something that person has said or done to you. I’m not too sure why that is the case. It isn’t something I’ve worked at and finally achieved. In fact, I can’t remember if I have ever been offended by someone. My best guess is because of my religious and family background. I am LDS and have a great family with great parents. One principle I was taught, but never thought too much about is to love my neighbor. Part of that was to be forgiving, realizing that everybody makes mistakes. I also never remember my parents outwardly displaying that they had been offended by anybody. I don’t know if these are the whole reasons, but they’re my best guesses at this moment.

Now, never being offended in this sense has its ups and downs. Ups, of course, are never having those feelings, being able to remain friends with anyone despite petty differences, and easily brushing aside differences that may have arisen just for a moment or short amount of time. The main down side is that I tend to expect others to act like me and take no personal offense to what I say or do. As you may notice in this blog, I am a very observant person. I like to pay close attention to how people react to certain things or situations, then discuss it with them. I do this more from a psychological standpoint than anything, but most people seem to think that I’m being very judgemental.

If I do something stupid, or something embarrassing, I’m usually the first person to talk about what in the world I was thinking and why I’m like that, I find it very interesting. Most people, I’ve found, are quite different than me. They like to avoid confronting any unusual things about themselves and just hope they go unnoticed. It’s something I have a hard time comprehending. This may go hand in hand with my indifference toward people’s opinion of me. I do care about what some people think about me, but for the majority of the masses, I really couldn’t care less about how they see me. I’ve heard other people proclaim to have the same outlook on life, but I seem to get in trouble for that attitude more than others I’ve seen.

Since I don’t care what most people think about me, I will say whatever is on my mind in many cases. Plenty of times this offends people, and I don’t really care that they are offended. I say I don’t care, because that is another of my weaknesses. I figure since I’ve never had a problem with being offended, others ought not as well. I obviously have some work to do on all this, I just thought it was an interesting trait, and have never met anyone else who shares the same attribute.

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I like to think I’m the same way…but I’m not. What’s your ancient chinese secret?

Maybe another reason is that I’m so arrogant, I don’t put any importance on what others say. Hmmm…

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