Balloons Falling from the Sky


The past two days here in St. George, Utah have been pretty bizarre for this area. It has snowed for about half of yesterday and today. I’ve lived here for over five years and have seen it snow for probably a total of three hours in that time.

Anyway, I just looked out my window to see something very strange. I saw two standard balloons falling from the sky pretty rapidly. I’d never really thought of it before, but that’s just something you don’t see. It’s not uncommon to see balloons float up and out of sight. I imagine those come down somewhere, but I’ve never seen it happen, maybe they go into space and to some far galaxy, who knows.

So yeah, two balloons, falling fast. They both hit the ground so I went outside and looked up and saw probably 20 more balloons that go thousands of feet into the sky, probably going on past what is visible, all of them are falling toward the ground at a good rate, with a little breeze from the south. I figure they must have all escaped from a car dealership when it was a little warmer outside, gotten up pretty high, then cooled down significantly and started their decent.

I stayed outside for a while longer, just watching the balloons fall and bounce off of buildings and streets, parking lots, just rolling around. It was kind of a surreal moment.

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