I’m a Hetian


Hetian is a term I learned in St. George. Some friends and I decided that would be a good way to spell it. It is pronounced “hesh-in”. What does it mean? As far as I’ve gathered, it’s the local version of white trash – local being Saint George, Utah.

Anyway, tonight I wanted a little Carl’s Jr. so I figured I’d hit the drive through, so no need to change out of my sweat pants I was wearing, because I wasn’t going to actually be in public. My plan got a chink in it when I showed up to find about 10 cars in the drive in line. I decided I’d white trash it and go inside. Now Utah is a strange place. Most places I’ve lived, you don’t see people in sweats in public very much. Here in Utah, it is common to see people wearing sweats even in decent places. For instance, I work in a very large top quality furniture store. I see well-to-do women and men come into the store (it’s hard to spend less than $1,000 there if you’re buying something) wearing sweats frequently. Anyhow, I felt more like a Utard being in sweats in public than I ever have before.

This story kind of sucks, but I’ll keep it up anyway, I’m in a weird mood.

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I’ve grown up calling the long-haired 80s rockers hessians. I first learned this word when I started 7th grade. Of course, the word is actually referring to 18th Century German mercenaries who were known for their outright brutality. I’ve not considered hessian’s white trash, so much as metal-heads. I’ve also heard the good folks of St. George use the term “hesher,” which utterly irritates me.

Well, now I know. I figured I was probably wrong, but it was worth a shot. Thanks for the history lesson good buddy!

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