Downgraded Q-tips


I’m a picky person with some things, not with others, as most people probably are. One of the many things which I am picky about are cotton swabs, commonly referred to as Q-tips, which is the brand I prefer. I prefer Q-tips because they have a stiffer shaft than all other brands I’ve used. I like the stiffer shaft because when I use them, I like to be able to apply pressure to things on the side of the cotton swab because I’m usually trying to wipe something off the side of another thing with the swab (duh).

Anyway, I enjoy doing things simply based on principle. I realize that Unilever Corporation (Q-tips parent company) will even notice anything a single consumer has to say, but alas, here is what I’ve done. I went to their website and filled out a contact form explaining my frustration. Following is what I wrote in the contact form, including the whole reason I am writing this specific post. Enjoy!

I’ve long used Q-tips because all other cotton swabs I’ve used have a weak shaft. Q-tips have always had a stronger shaft so they don’t bend as easy.

I recently bought a box of Q-tips, and noticed the shaft is softer and the whole swabs are slightly shorter. I’m a picky person, and this bothers me. I realize it’s probably saving tens of thousands of dollars, and that my opinion really doesn’t matter, but I just wanted to know if this is a permanent change.

If it is a permanent change, I am requesting to change it back to how they were before, good and strong. Tell ya what, I’ll meet you in the middle, you can keep them shorter, but give me the stiffness back.

You know when you’re really trying to get some good circular action on that Q-tip and the blasted shaft just keeps bending so you can’t put any pressure on the end? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Q-tips used to be the good stuff, but now, there is no advantage and I might as well save 17 cents or however much less the generic brands are.

If a person read this, I’m impressed. Thanks for your attention. If you have the same feelings as I do, do what you can to fight for the little man. Otherwise, enjoy giving me a cookie cutter response.

Billy Park

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OMG! I totally agree! I thought I was the only one who noticed!

I just sent you a personal email. I couldn’t agree more. They are unusable now. They are exactly like the cheap store brands that used to disappoint me (even Johnson & Johnson’s used to buckle under pressure, but never the Q-tip)! It’s amazing how the small stuff can be so annoying!! If Q-tips does not resolve this issue, I will have to seek out the wooden ones that the doctors use!

Well I have lived too long… Who was the marketing genious that came up with this idea?

No wonder there is a dollar store on every corner. Quality out… greed in!

Hope the stock drops like a rock. Johnson and Johnson may have to think about dis-owning these guys from the “family of companies”


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