My First New Mattress


This week I bought a new mattress/box spring set. I realized that this is the first time I’ve ever had a brand new mattress set. I’m 27 years old, pretty interesting I thought. I have spent most of my life on a twin sized mattress. The most recent was a twin from Deseret Industries thrift store that I got used from a roommate about four years back. It was getting pretty bad, if I sat on the mattress, the springs bottomed out.

I had a plan to get a king sized mattress soon, but a sweet deal came up. I work at a large furniture store. Recently, the mattress buyer for the store got a slew of mattresses from a new company to see if the store would begin carrying the brand. He decided not to carry the brand and sell the new unused mattresses to employees at a very good price, although still making $100 – $200 profit per mattress…naturally. I put my name on the list to get one of these, and last night I slept on it for the first time.

Now, this being the first time on a new mattress that I bought, I actually didn’t sleep too well. I feel great this morning, so I think the mattress is great, so here’s my theory. I think I didn’t sleep well because subconsciously, I was paying too much attention to how comfortable the mattress was, and didn’t let myself fall deeply asleep. Pretty interesting. I imagine over the next week or so, the novelty will wear thin and then I’ll get back into the normal swing of things.

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It took me a solid two months to get used to the king-sized set we bought last year. 🙂

[…] So that new mattress I got a little over a month ago is working out just fine. In fact, it may be too comfortable. Today I laid down for a nap around 6:00 pm, figuring I’d do my standard 2 hour nap. Now, I did realize that naps taken on my bed tend to last longer than those on my couch. I felt pretty good about it though, figuring I’d be able to wake up to catch most of the first game on ESPN, and all of the second one while getting some things done. […]

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