“Heighth” is Not a Word


I work in a furniture store. Naturally, I hear people discussing dimensions of furniture on a regular basis. I am but a lowly display grunt worker, so I don’t get involved in these conversations, I just sit back with a smug look on my face. The error I’ve noticed most is that many people say “heighth” as opposed to the actual word, which is height (no, it doesn’t end in a “th” like its neighbor, width).

Two types of people say it, customers and salespeople. I realize most customers are idiots and therefore I hold no expectations from them. The salespeople, however, are generally pretty confident in their furniture knowledge. A pillar of furniture knowledge is basic facts about furniture, such as dimensions. When discussing dimensions, one is likely to say width and height. Most of the time here in good old St. George, Utah, though, it is heard as “heighth” as opposed to height. Good times.

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I, personally, am partial to “expecially.”

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