Tiny Dunker


The participants in the 2006 All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest have been set. I’m rather excited for one of the guys in the contest: Nate Robinson. I believe he will be the shortest guy in the contest since 5’7″ Spud Webb won in 1986; 20 years ago. Nate is 5’9″ and looks like he’s on a trampoline when he jumps up for rebounds in games. The kid can sky. He’s a strong little guy too, 180 lbs at that height. I am 6’3″ and weigh 185 lbs. That means his dunks will probably not be gentle.

The other guys in the field are the reigning champ, Josh Smith, then Hakim Warrick, and Andre Iguodala.

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Hope Josh wins!!!!!

[…] Nate Robinson made one of the greatest defensive plays I’ve seen, and helped show how weak Yao Ming is. Nate is five feet nine inches tall. Yao is seven feet five inches tall. So Yao is twenty inches taller than Nate. Well, watch the video below. […]