Tiger’s New Pad


Tiger Woods just bought a 10 acre piece of land on Jupiter Island, Florida for a cool $38 million. His house is a decent size at 13,207 square feet. The property also has several guest houses.

Sportscenter did a short piece on this property with some cool facts. Tiger bought the property with money he earned and has been setting aside solely from tournament prizes. Over his career, he has won over $55 million in prize money. Another thing they did was break down what his loan would be like if he lived like the rest of us. On a 30 year mortgage with a 5.75% interest rate, here are the details:

  • Cost of Home:
  • $38M
  • Down Payment (20%):
  • $7.6M
  • Total Mortgage:
  • $30.4M
  • Monthly Payment:
  • $177,400

    Also noted was that the average American home is priced at $190,000 – slightly above what his monthly payment would be.

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