What will Google do?


When I updated the site to WordPress, I did something at which search engine optimizers would cringe. I totally changed the structure of the site, moved all the existing articles to new locations, and didn’t do any rerouting to take care of 404 errors. Why did I do it? Mostly because I’m experimenting with this site to see what happens.

I’m using Google Sitemaps, as I have been for the past five months or so. It seems to really help to get posts up high in Google’s results with haste. It’s funny what pages have been popular in Google searches. The Chuck Norris post got the most, the Booty Slapping incident has caught the attentions of searchers, and surprisingly, when one searched Google for “Hyperextended Big Toe,” this post was in the top three results. It currently still comes up in that spot, but to a dead link. Seeing as how I don’t really care much on this site about fixing little things like that (I averaged 10-20 visitors per day), I will wait and see if my new sitemap file will get updated in Google.

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