Ice Breakers Sours are Delicious


Ice Breakers SoursI bought some of these today. I’ve long been a fan of the classic peppermint style Ice Breakers mints in a tin like this. I got the purple one in the back there. The flavors are Berry Splash, Strawberry, and Raspberry Lemonade. The Berry Splash is just superb, the Strawberry is good as well, starting to get toward the sour side, then the Raspberry Lemonade is the most sour, which really isn’t too powerful, just sour enough and rather tasty.

I am sitting here eating these right now, and I’m remembering that when I eat sour things, my face gets hot. I’ve asked around, I’m the only person I know to whom that happens. I had to get up and get a tall glass of cold water to accompany these mildly sour candies. Neat huh?

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