Perhaps I Need to Use a Notepad


So at work (display crew at Blvd Home Furnishings), I get 2-3 great ideas about what I should throw on this here blog later in the day. Now, due to numerous face plants while wakeboarding, including a couple minor concussions, I seem to have a weak short term memory. By the time I get home, the ol’ brain winds down and doesn’t recall what it was thinking earlier on in the day.

I’ve know of people jotting down little notes to trigger their memories later on that day. Perhaps I will try that out. Not that anything I have to say is all that important, but it would help me to update this site more regularly, which is something I’d like to do.

This is about the most exciting post ever, so I’ll throw in a couple cool links:

1 – What a Honda feels like (Commercial).

2 – You just got owned. You can throw any name (one or two names, a period for each name) in front of the part, pretty swell stuff.

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