Fantastico is the Suck


I just spent over two hours manually transferring all of my content to WordPress from Drupal. As soon as I finished, I went to the home page, and everything is set to the default WordPress installation. My head is about to explode right now. I believe what happened is that I clicked the back button within another Firefox tab where I had installed WordPress through Fantastico (I only use it because I’m getting free hosting and damn it all, I can’t make new databases outside of Fantastico).

So, I’m going to stop for the day. Tomorrow should see most of the content back up. I’m rather upset right now.

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Isn’t there an WP import tool for this kinda thing?

Oh crap, I just now looked deeper into that in the admin area. There isn’t one for Drupal specifically, but there is one for RSS feeds. Blast. I should have given that a shot. Oh well.