Maiden Snowmobile Voyage


This past weekend I went on my first ever snowmobiling trip. I went with the young men in my ward. There were three boys and three of us adults. One of the boys has a Grandpa with a cabin up past Brianhead resort here in Southern Utah. This wasn’t just your normal cabin in the woods. This was a three story, four bedroom, mini-mansion. I slept better there than I do in my own bed. The master bedroom had a king bed and a jetted jacuzzi tub. The other three bedrooms had queen beds. But enough about the cabin.

He also had three nice snowmobiles. I don’t know much about the specs on them, but the speedometers went up to 120 mph. I don’t know if they can go that fast, but they sure were powerful. The first time I set off on one, I almost fell off when I squeezed the throttle. When I pegged it down, the thing took off like a bat out of hell. I couldn’t believe how fast they went on the dry powdery snow that we get here in Utah.

There wasn’t much snow, only 1-3 feet, which I think was good. If there had been deeper snow, I’m sure we all would have gotten the snowmobiles stuck. After a bit of cruising around, we found a nice open meadow where we could have some fun. We ended up riding tandem, with the passenger standing, then at speeds of around 30 mph, jumping off into the fresh powder and sliding a good 15 feet. That was pretty fun. We did other things including high speed runs, the fastest I went was 50 mph, which felt pretty stinking fast on a snowmobile.

It was tricky getting the feel for the machines. The turning was delayed a bit and I found it pretty tricky to manipulate the weight of the snowmobiles. It was a fun trip for a weekend. I’m sure I won’t get real into snowmobiling, but they do make for a fun weekend in the snow.

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