A Couple of Great SNL Skits on Google Video


I was looking for some Saturday Night Live skits on Google Video today and found a couple older ones that are just great.

The first is from what I consider the best SNL ever, when Jim Carrey hosted. I don’t know if he’s hosted multiple times, but this one was amazing. I believe it was also the very first sketch with the Night at the Roxbury guys. Anyway, this sketch has Will Farrell trying to relax in a hot tub. Jim Carrey shows up in lifeguard garb and takes over. He is completely obnoxious and awesome. My favorite line: “…next thing you know, a body goes under and there’s bloated carcass stuck in the filter!”

Jim Carrey as a lifeguard

Next is a commercial for a car for crazy people. Also starring Will Farrell, this is one of my favorite commercials on SNL. The sink to wash your hands every five minutes and the total randomness of other things makes it wonderful.

The Car for Crazy People

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