Rear View Mirrors


So I was in Provo, Utah visiting family last weekend. My Dad, a car guy, tells me “I know nothing about cars!” He went on to explain how his son-in-law told him something about all cars that he never knew. He learned that the rear view mirror pivots on two hinges, not just the one attached to the mirror piece itself.

He was astonished that he didn’t yet know about this. I didn’t know either. We were in my truck while he told me this. I semi-awkwardly looked at my rear view mirror to have a look at it. I didn’t muster up the courage at the time to try it out, but I figured I would eventually give in. I didn’t want to do it because I knew it would mess up my perfect positioning with little chance of ever getting it back.

Yesterday I gave in.

I was driving (naturally) and just grabbed hold of the mirror and yanked it all around. Sure enough, it was double-hinged chaos. I didn’t remember to look and see just where it was at before the repositioning. Now I’m in the process of gradually getting it closer to where it was before. I’m sure it never will be perfect, but I just had to find out for myself. I like satisfying urges like that from time to time.

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